Colombia: Perspectives on the Peace Negotiations

  • 09:00
  • Fredens Hus, Uppsala Slott, ingång A2, 752 37 Uppsala

Fred-Konferensen 160607

As the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP guerrilla approach their most crucial stages, i.e. the national referendum on the agreement and implementation phase, and as the ELN guerrilla also studies the possibility of initiating peace talks with the Colombian government, we from the Swedish academia and civil society consider essential that Sweden becomes a more active participant in the debate over the new challenges that await Colombia.

Together with our special guests, we would therefore like to invite you to reflect upon the nature of this social, economic and political conflict as well as the transformations that will be necessary to build a sustainable and lasting peace in Colombia. Hoping to encourage the attendees to reflect, debate, and untangle the different dimensions of this pursuit, we will bring together stakeholders, scholars and members of the Colombian civil society to discuss a few topics we consider central for a new, post-agreement Colombia.

These topics are:

  • The Transitional Justice & the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Process (DDR);
  • Women & Victims’ Rights in the Negotiating Table; • Land, Agriculture and Mineral Extraction in a post-agreement Colombia;
  • Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities’ new challenges

This whole-day seminar is being organized by Solidarity Sweden – Latin America’s Uppsala group (in Swedish, Latinamerikagrupperna) and Colombianätverket in collaboration with Colombiagruppen, Forum for Latin American Studies and Fredens Hus.

For more information about the event>> Colombia: Peace perspectives of the Peace Negotiations

We truly hope we can count with your presence in this seminar!